Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sunrise to sunset another wonderful winter day and a windows date you windows people may be interested in.

Where are we today ? 
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         Cooler this morning at 6 am 45 f (7C) but as the sun came up so did the temperature quickly. With a couple of nice quiet walkabouts back home we both had long hot showers. Black tank is full (14 days this time) so may as fill our grey water tank too.
      Dump station only 100 yards away, so secure  the coach dump and fill our fresh water we are back and set up in 20 minutes before 10 am. Nice to get this stuff all done early in the day. Shorts on now and can enjoy another wonderful desert day.
the sun is just rising over the mountains
love theses clear blue skies

this sign says it all about the desert 
          By 9 am it was 75 F (23C) and very hot in the sun. So we secured to coach and drive the 100 yards to the dump station and and filled with fresh water again.
         A bit later we had cloud cover off and on all day and east winds about 12 mph. Still 75 f all day very comfy out of the wind.
         After a light lunch and a couple more walkabouts we found the perfect spot to enjoy our e-readers. In the sun and out of the wind.
your car makes a perfect windbreak
     On one of my walkabouts I spotted this tiny motorhome,
kinda cute
another view from our site looking south
      Before we know it time to begin making supper. Boy the time flies when we can both enjoy reading outside with this amazing December weather.
       This minute rice we picked up free samples last January at the Rv show in Quartzite one cup is perfect for us to share.
very tasty and easy
       Tonight  salmon with dill Sauce recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar I like to do this on our Weber Q when I can works wonderful.
about 30 minutes until cooked
add the dill sauce until heated through
add some rice and the salad
     What better way to end a perfect day other than with another colourful desert sunset.

      And as a bonus I am sitting outside writing this blog and posting it after 7:30pm still 65F (18C) . But I keep getting distracted with these amazing star filled skies.
      Just wanna thank y'all for stopping by and thank you for all wonderful comments that we enjoy reading.

               A heads up from Suzie with a windows 10 update she did  

   She installed the Fall Creators update for windows 10.
I did it yesterday and lost my favourites in Microsoft Edge. I also thought I lost all my documents but I did find them after I re-installed from my backup.
It is almost like a new computer. So far I haven't noticed any programs that I might have lost but had to set up Quicken and Family Tree.

Just to give you a heads up. It sure pays to back up your computer frequently.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Another sunny very warm day in the southwest.

Where are we today ?
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    Another mild night 58f at 5 am a bit overcast but by 9 am was mostly sunny. After my first walkabout at 7 am back home, shorts on and enjoying the day.
    Just before 9am I whipped into Ajo for a few supplies and home by 10 am, puttered around, another walkabout then a nice light lunch .
    Take the time to look around and so many interesting things to see. The 2 pics below cruising through Ajo on my way to Olsen's grocery store.
the one on the left full of bullet holes?
Gangsters or target practice?
lots of colourful buildings and murals around town too.
      By now we had to open our awning for shade. No wind today and the sun is so intense here. Did get to 81F and a perfect one for enjoying our reading outside in the shade.
our view while reading
Finished another book and started another page turner by
Lee Child, Jack Reacher is always and good read.
       Before we know it the day slipped on by,time to make a salad and prep some spaghetti squash for the Weber Q. Grilling our last large smoked pork chop from home that we will split.
not long on the Q squash and chop is ready
oh so tasty
          And done just in time to enjoy another colorful desert sunset.
in no time at all
the sunsets
couple of minutes after this
        Just the kind of weather we are here for and enjoying another wonderful desert day! Still outside  7pm posting this blog on a very quiet warm evening with star filled skies. Really gotta love it !
       Thanks for stopping on by and joining us here in the southwest.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hanging out relaxing in the desert is something we love.

Where are we today ? 
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      Quite warm over night only down to 59 F.  Not too bad this morning even with an east wind about 12 mph and mostly overcast skies. But very comfortable. Did get quite a few walkabouts today and really enjoyed them. Nowhere to go and nothing to do other than hang out with my sweetie.
      With mostly overcast skies and the wind not too bad, the temperature was 78f (25C) from about 11 am until 4 pm. So it was a comfortable day for shorts and reading behind our coach protected from the cooler breeze and no sun. We did get a full charge today with the help of our generator for an hour, only because we needed to fire it up to do some printing that Suzie wanted done. And while it is running we like to exercise it for about an hour under load. Electric water heater on helps the load.
another walkabout and still overcast  
the forecast said partial clouds,
but not matter much better than cold
       No Roadrunner visit today I guess he gave up after us not feeding him, and that's a good thing. We did manage to enjoy a very relaxing afternoon with our page turner books that we read. I can read for a bit, then get up stretch walkabout, putter around and read a bit more. This works for me.
       About 4:30 whipped up a salad. wrapped up some spaghetti squash and cooked a couple of Turkey Garlic sausage that we brought from a butcher back home in Ontario.
about 1/2 hour and sausage and squash nicely done
squash was perfect just slides right out of the skin
      And tonight's sunset was not visible with the cloud cover, so did not even see it at all, Just got dark around 5:30 and cooled down. No complaints though with all the wonderful sunsets we get here and just know there will be many more this winter.
       Glad that you stopped on by and hope you had some decent weather wherever you may be.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Sunshine warm weather and wildlife visiting us today

Where are we today ?
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      Wow did I ever sleep in this morning, woke up at 6 am ! 90 minutes later than usual, guess I needed that extra sleep.
we had this Roadrunner hang out most of the afternoon
     We not only love this area but the weather gods have given us a forecast of perfect weather so WHY NOT just hang out here for a bit in Why ?
excellent weather for the next week
this is the closest weather station
     Before I did my first walkabout at 8 am. I put the chicken bones on from last night to simmer into a nice broth.   Got another mile done by 8:30 and said good bye to Deb and Riley as they were leaving the dump station, safe travels guys.
love walking these quiet roads through here
     Then about 9am  I headed into Ajo for a few groceries and home shortly after 10. Finished  up prepping the soup so it would done in time for lunch. It was getting very warm with this intense sun so our awning was opened for a while, but then we had  east winds at 15 mph hitting it dead on. So then it was rolled up again after lunch. Don't need to loose another awning.
lots of murals around town
      Stopped at Olsens for a few groceries and then the square in town to check out the Saturday market, Nothing here that we need just a few crafts etc.. but did enjoy walking on the soft green grass (rare here in the desert) Almost reminds me of Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs
green grass and palm trees, nice
      Quite a few vendors here took me all of 5 minutes to see nothing that would interest us.
nice woodwork
the band was pretty good too.
      Back home to finish the soup and enjoy a nice tasty lunch.
we do love homemade soup
especially Chicken noodle
        Soon after lunch and another walkabout we  enjoyed reading outside. so quiet and relaxing here.
our closest neighbour now after a couple of rigs left
because of the hot sun we sat in the shade
and is kinda cool
      I went for a walkabout and found Suzie had company. This roadrunner was under the coach and right beside her.
not afraid of us at all
this guy hung around for a good 15 minutes
just loved watching this roadrunner
       Looks to me like people have been feeding him, something that you should never do, not afraid of us at all.
looking at me, "you got food?"
 I threw a couple of stones and he ran right to them
just kept coming closer looking for a handout
sorry buddy wrong place
      A bit later I headed in to begin prepping supper. Chat with Deb and Riley yesterday they do a spaghetti squash and I tired their suggestion, So 1/8 of the squash added a bit of butter, Italian spice and parmesan cheese wrapped in foil for the BBQ.
      Then I wrapped 3 potatoes in foil (2 for supper one for later) fresh mushrooms and onions in foil and then prepare a nice Porterhouse steak I found on sale at Olsons.  I don't eat much beef but Suzie loves it . She got the fillet and I enjoyed the rest. Very tasty and a wonderful treat for sure.
not long and a wonderful tasty supper.
baked Tater, spaghetti squash , steak with mushrooms and onions,
an excellent meal for the 2 of us under 10 bucks
including wine
late afternoon was overcast
did not look like we would get a sunset
but we did , not great but still there
       We enjoyed this day just like we most every day, sunshine, warm weather, hanging out with our best friends (each other) reading and a couple of tasty meals. This is the life.
      Glad that y';all stopped on by and hope your day was wonderful as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?