Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 30, 2016

Moving the park model home, trip to Stratford, computer issue resolved and a nice fall day.

Where are we today?
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           This is fall weather but really not too bad yet. Overcast and rainy a bit and not too cold. Hey that's wonderful, So I need a light jacket and long pants, we can do that.
           My first walkabout noticed the truck coming into the park at 7:35 am gonna take Bob and Mary's  park model trailer out today. They took the Florida room yesterday. So I wandered over to check out the process. It was ready to go. Back the truck in hook up the trailer and away they went. A 12 ft by 40 ft  park model and they passed through the gate at 8 am ! 25 minutes they are not going too far about an hour and will probably have it set up today too.
Hooking up the trailer
off the lot
around the corner 
just enough room
and out the gate
a nice light rainbow for the departure
         Suzie has a doctor's appointment in Stratford for 11:30 this morning so we packed a lunch and headed on out. Only an hours drive through the back country roads. Dropped her off and I headed over to the Staples in town to pick up an external DVD burner for my Mac, $50 bucks. The internal one is giving me issues. This is a simple fix and less expensive than a repair, plus Suzie can use it on her PC as well. I have a lot of years of photos that I want to back up on disk. While at Staples ran into Brian and his wife from Rock Glen (small world), Chatted with them for a bit, picked up Suzie at noon and we enjoyed our lunch and shared an order of fries from Mc D's. (her  request).
       On the drive home a local farmer had pumpkins for sale, So we stopped in and picked up 7 small ones for our Grands to carve if they like next weekend for our Canadian Thanksgiving. (Yup we have 7 grands now!)
lots to choose from
we have enough now
             Home before 2pm and  checked out the new DVD burner and works wonderful. I will put it to work even more over the next few days. Want to burn a few hundred thousand photos to disc before purging from my hard drive. They are already on my back up drive, but ya k now that can fail too.
           Then Gerry and Tucker stopped by  (doggie fix for Suzie) then Joe and Choco dropped in too, so we had a nice Happy 1/2 hour  but by then it was getting chilly.
Tucker got a treat
Joe, Choco and Tucker
         So inside to prep our salad.  Fire up our Weber Q to grill a couple turkey garlic sausage that we love, so lean and healthy and do get our garlic sausage fix too. 
really love these Turkey Garlic sausage
Sure was tasty and healthy too
          That was it for another productive day, enjoying the good life and wrapping up things before our southern migration. To chilly and damp to sit out after supper, so inside for the night. Read a bit and maybe a tv show/movie before hitting the sack.
          Glad that y'all stopped by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Checking our a few things, and computer backups, great stuff for a rainy fall day.

Where are we today?
Rock Glen resort, Arkona On.
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             Hey it rained mostly all night and quite a bit today as well. But we had stuff to do. First thing a work crew came in to move a trailer that was sold. Bob and Mary's. Someone bought the trailer and are moving it somewhere else. We were here when it came in 6 years ago, and Mary was so excited. But  now as age takes its toll time for them to move on, A new owner for their wonderful home. They are still in good health, just time for a change.
their park model getting ready to go
The company doing it are pros. Today they are taking the Florida room and getting the trailer ready to go tomorrow. It is 12 ft wide and 40 ft long.
love the machines they have
trailer raised and tire pressure pumped up
there goes the Florida room
         In between the rain drops I managed to spend a couple hours re arranging one compartment and checking again for a possible water leak. The only place it could be and not there. ?? Think it happens when we fill our fresh water tank full for dry camping, maybe fill it less from now on and see how it goes.
        Then I worked on my Macbook Pro retrieving some photo files and burning to DVD's. It is a slow process but we do have the time.
         Soon time to whip up super, tonight a couple haddock filets pan fried in olive oil with fish crisp to add to our salad. Sure was very tasty.
   The fall weather is here but at least not too cold yet, and even got a lot of outside things done between rain drops. Soon we be on the road again!
         Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Where we have been this summer

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another day of wonderful warm fall weather just getting ready to hit the road in a few weeks.

Where are we today ?
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       Another wonderful fall day here. A but chilly for a while though sunny most of the day and felt like puttering around outside. Got some nice walkabouts this morning and picked up some Pickerel at the reservation in Kettle point, sure do love pickerel when we can get it. And some cheap gas for our car .91 cents a litre ($3.44 cdn / gal, $2.02 US dollars) compared to .97 cents, took 40 litres so was a nice savings.
       After lunch of a very tasty Beef Barley homemade soup from our friends Paul and Judy(thanks guys), I flushed our fresh water tank after sanitizing, lubed all of our compartment doors, hinges and locks, checked and topped up our house batteries, touched up a bit of paint and even had time to get some quality reading time done outside. Was a wonderful day in the mid 70's and mostly sunshine, very nice...
Suzie doing what she enjoys
while I putter, too cool for her in the
shade so she bundles up a bit
        Then about 3:30 I fired up our Weber Q and prepped the chicken, turn to low close the lid for an hour or so, and I can read some more. It is a tough life ya know !
Chicken on sale so just had to do another
       We do love chicken, leftovers for lunch time salads etc, and of course more chicken soup in the near future, got to get some mileage from our $5.00 chicken 3-4 meals at least.
sure hit the spot tonight
     Then after supper enjoyed a nice mild evening, blogging and reading outside until about 7:45 then time to head in, getting chilly.  It gets cooler sooner every day. Cane is just in time the rain began at  8pm and pouring down pretty good right now. Love the sound of rain on our roof.
      And glad that y'all dropped by for a peek.

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