Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 25, 2017

What another great we had a few more to come.

Where are we today ? 
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      Just another great day in the forecast.And I started off feeling awesome, until I did a short walkabout down the road. Hmm lower back and leg pain came back, Not fun, It was going great last night?
we having a nice sunrise here, really gotta love it
        My walkabout but my back the leg and back pain returned . So I tried the ice and exercises and no luck. Up to New Hamburg to pick a a couple of prescriptions and home for lunch. Hmm not better. So called my Chiropractor in there at 2:20pm.
      Whipped up a light lunch for us, and headed to Cambridge to pick a new CB, our old 18 year old one finally bit the dust and we do like it when on the road, gives us local weather plus the traffic updates from the truckers , they actually still use these.
        Chiropractor did some more adjustments and I feel better again. I am doing all the right things, Ice, exercise, advil and Dr . Ho massage. It will get better in time as I know.
        Finally home by 3 pm, relax in the shade with Suzie, enjoy our e-readers, and a happy hour, in the shade. Not as hot as yesterday only 97 f (35 C ) this afternoon, no A/c need today. A nice light breeze in the shade sure feels nice.
       Soon  time for supper so I quartered an acorn (pepper) squash added some brown sugar and wrapped in foil to set on our Weber Q along with six chicken legs I bought on special today, a dozen for 4 bucks, can't turn down a deal like that !
acorn squash
ready for our Weber Q 100
a perfect warm fall day
       A bout 45 minutes later chicken and squash are done to perfection, yup we do love our chicken.
Tasty ?Yup and the salad topped it off
       Now here it is almost 8 pm outside finish this posting and enjoy our e-readers for a while. Then will soon call it a night. Head out in the morning for service on our coach at Pettigrew's Garage in town for 8 am and back to Rock Glen resort for a week or so. Gotta keep on moving because that's what we do.
      Thanks for stopping on by and hope you had great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?