Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More sunshine, a hot summer day and just kicking back enjoying it.

Where are we today ?
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     More wonderful warm sunny weather today what's not to love about that? No rain not much clouds just  summer.
      My first walkabout I enjoyed the quiet morning and nice scenery.
so pretty
love these shrubs on a seasonal sight
nice reflections on the pond
           I spotted Walt (our flooring guy) into another project, assembling a 10 by 1o garden shed on a site for one of the seasonal here. What a  job! I watched for a while and came back later to give him a hand.
He is checking to make sure all the parts are here 
so many parts, a very large puzzle
     Then I made trip into Forest and up to the reservation at Ipperwash Beach on Lake Huron.  Also wanted to stop at the reservation to pick up some Pickerel for supper, and cheap gas for the car. only .99 cents a litre.
nice drive to Forest
        And the beach here in the early morning is quiet, the lake is calm , so beautiful here.
looking across the sand dunes to the lake
Just love it when the lake is so quiet
I spent many years boating on these lakes as a young teenager
playing in the sand dunes as well
     Back to tha campground checked out Walt's progress, Gerry was helping him and they were doing quite well. I helped for bit, passing screws etc.. just because I could.
      Came back a bit later and they had made pretty good progress.  Will probably finish it all off tomorrow morning.    
Gerry getting right into it
really taking shape now
        Back home to enjoy a very nice warm afternoon, 88f so nice enough for Suzie to put her shorts, finally.
           Lotsa good reading done and by 4:30 time to whip up supper, I had thawed out a pound of pickerel (walleye) slice up two potatoes for homemade fries, and ready to go. Fry Daddy heated up and began with our french fries. Then when almost done, put the fish in the pan to fry with the Garlic and Butter Fish crisp we like' in no time we had a feast, nothing quite like homemade fish and chips especially with Pickerel that we love. For much less than the cost of one meal anywhere else.
love fresh cut fries
our antique propane camp stove still works like new after 50 years
lots fish here
this was so tasty and even had some fish leftover,
no problem we can take care of that, lunches...
       Just another wonderful summer day that we took advantage of by just enjoying it.
       Thanks for stopping in and hope you are having some great summer weather as well.

Where have we been this summer ?