Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A very nice warm day once again, enjoying the area and weather, doggie fix for Suzie too!

Where are we today ?
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     Well survived the storm, no tornado, no new rv and our coach is still in tact so we are good to go for some more uninterrupted travels, hopefully. We plan to be here until Thursday.
      A wonderful nice sunny morning and trip to town for a few supplies and a drive about Ashdown.
nice country drive into town
town square
        Back home to putter around for a while and a few more walkabouts, but mostly a cool overcast until about 1 pm. Then it got quite warm. Mid 70'sf and much warmer in the sun.
       We found a shady spot behind our coach out of the winds and was wonderful. More reading time was accomplished.
       Mid afternoon our power went out through the whole park, A few people upset , but no big deal for us. Our fridge on propane and the inverter on we are just fine. solar keeping the batteries well charged.
       The manager dropped by to tell us and we ended up chatting with her for a while very nice lady and she had along a very nice dog for Suzie's doggie fix.
        Met a couple of other neighbours all new full timers and shared some stories and answered a few questions they asked. Most campers we meet are very friendly people and easy to get along with.
a wonderful view from our patio
       Eventually time to whip up supper. Tonight a pork tenderloin on our Weber Q , grilled some fresh asparagus I found on sale ($1.47 a lb) to add to our salad.
quick and easy
oh so tasty. lean and tender
     After supper enjoyed a very warm evening reading outside and chatted with another neighbour from right behind us. They just went full-time this year as well.  Nobody has power except us too bad they don't equip all rv's for these situations. Eventually we called it a night and headed inside just after 8 pm, to finish posting this blog and relax in front of the tube for a bit before calling a night.
      We enjoyed this day with very nice weather and hope you did as well.
      Thanks for stopping on by.
Where have we been this Winter ?